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The term He slept like a baby might have an entirely different meaning to you if you have a sleeper that was anything like my son. When he was a newborn, my son was waking up all throughout the night and I thought, This is normal. He will grow out of it.

Fast forward 5 months and he was still waking up every 1-2 hours a night. I dreaded going to sleep, and I had terrible anxiety not knowing what the night would hold. I was frustrated, hopeless, and exhausted; I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help.

I researched online and asked others for advice, and this is when I found the Sleep Sense Program. The program provided a step by step guide on how to gently teach my son independent sleep skills. Quickly after starting the program he was sleeping through the night! This is when I knew I wanted to help educate parents on how to guide their child towards healthier sleep.

Hi, my name is Amanda Medley! I am a Pediatric Sleep Specialist and a proud member of the Sleep Well Sleep Specialist Consulting Team! With my M.A in Education and my B.A. in Child Development, I have worked with children and families in various settings for the past 10 years.

After going through the Sleep Sense training program, as well as extensive education and mentoring with Sleep Well Sleep Specialists, I now understand the importance of healthy sleep and how to help families get a good night’s rest. If you are having difficulties with your child’s sleep, I can help through individual consultations, webinars, and in-home coaching and support.

I look forward to serving your family on your journey to restful and restorative sleep!

For your free 15-minute evaluation (or to book an appointment), you can Amanda at (916) 798-7547or e-mail


Amanda's Success Stories:

Since birth our wee one has been a terrible sleeper due to serious allergies that would wreak havoc on his poor little body. His naps consisted of 15-20 minutes on a good day with him waking numerous times throughout the night crying for hours. Due to this we were well versed in the many books that promised to get your baby sleeping through the night, we mastered soothing and swaddling techniques, and I completely changed my diet eliminating all of the foods he had allergies too…yet none of this hard work reaped any rewards. My pediatrician and GI both said that hopefully as he grew out of his allergies he would learn to get the sleep he was in desperate need of, but as of now we would just have to wait it out. (Mind you around 3 years old is when they are anticipating him to grow out of his allergies) This was not an option as our son had been deprived of sleep for the last YEAR (us as well), so we began to see if there was anything left that we hadn’t tried. During the search somehow the stars aligned and a friend of ours who had a VERY similar experience with her son recommended we reach out to the sleep therapist that she used. She had told us that after the program that this therapist constructed for her, her son was sleeping happily throughout the night. We were quite skeptical but thought what the heck lets give it a shot, so we contacted Amanda at Sleep Well Children Consulting. We had a consultation with Amanda where she inquired about our son and what the program would look like that she would create and tailor specifically for him. Amanda was so knowledgeable and optimistic that we were sold after that consultation and set a start date for the program. Going into the program Amanda provided us with in depth tools and instruction on how to succeed. She also provided support via phone check ups, literature, and emails throughout the whole program. She helped us gain confidence, an understanding of what our son was going through, and helped us be consistent so we would see results. We weren’t confused on what to do anymore as we had a professional coaching us. We stuck with the program 100% and did not second guess the instruction or advice we received from Amanda. In doing we have received the biggest payoff, our son has learned to put himself to sleep for naps and is finally sleeping through the night (hallelujah)!!! I am so happy we took a chance and reached out to Amanda. Sleep Well is truly a blessing in our lives and we are forever grateful for the care and time Amanda put into our family.

Love- The Lyles"

 Amanda was so helpful in getting our son to start sleeping through the night. Our first child never had any issues with nighttime or daytime sleep so were very unprepared to deal with our son’s sleep issues. He was unable to take a nap by himself for more than 15-30 minutes and even that was a struggle. At nighttime he would sleep perfectly well so long as he was being held. By about 4 months my husband and I were reaching our limit of sleeplessness and we reached out to Sleep Well Children Consulting. Amanda was very sympathetic to our struggles and assured us that nothing we said was something she hadn’t heard before and that she was confident she could help us. We started the sleep plan when he was 5 months old and within three days our son was sleeping through the night with minimal comfort needed to fall asleep. Since then he has rarely needed any nighttime support and falls asleep quickly. It took about 6 weeks for his naps to stabilize but once they did he averages two hour naps twice a day. It took some time and it was sometimes really hard to stick to the plan but it was effective and our son now sleeps as well as our daughter and my husband and I have finally been able to get some sleep ourselves. I would absolutely recommend the team at Sleep Well Children Consulting!! 

 We contacted Amanda when our daughter was about 7 months old. It had been 7 months of very frustrating nights and exhausted days. Amanda helped us figure out a plan of action for our daughter's constant night wake ups and long crying episodes. She tailored a specific schedule of sleeping and feeding that would lead to long and consistent sleep. After a few days, things started to improve and by the end of the program, we were so relieved to have consistent nights with long stretches of sleep. We went from having almost no time together at night because one of us was trying to get the baby to sleep, to being able to go out on a date and feel confident that she would be asleep for the babysitter the entire time. Amanda was so helpful and considerate of our specific goals and respected what our ideal sleep situation looked like. She was always available to address anything that came up and responded quickly with her suggestion of what to do. At our initial consultation, I was nervous that our family would be the one case that this didn't work for. However, I fully trust now that anyone who follows the schedule and stays consistent will be rewarded with a good sleeper!


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