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The words “I’m sorry” are the words you will often hear come out of a child’s mouth usually after prompted by an adult and usually after the child has done something not so nice to another child.   There is something about those words that makes adults feel better if they hear a child say them and there is something about those words that makes children quickly learn to say the ...

Do you ever forget to bring up something that you have wanted to communicate to your spouse?  Or sometimes do you feel like you never get to discuss anything together until the kids are asleep and at that point you probably feel more like plopping yourself on the couch to watch some good reality TV.  If this is you, you are not alone you are one of the many of us parenting chil ...

Has anyone ever looked around at the area that your children play in and think you are living in a zoo?  I know that I certainly have on more than one occasion.  With these winter months in full swing and outdoor play limited, I have often thought I have all of these wonderful, engaging toys lying around the room and my child would prefer to run around with a roll of toilet pap ...

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