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Let’s talk about separation anxiety!  I get emails from people saying that they’re not sure if it’s the right time to make changes to their child’s sleep because their child is going through separation anxiety.  That is a very common part of childhood development that most children go through at one point in their lives.   Some experience it a little more often and more severel ...

Childhood is full of exciting milestones: first tooth, first solid foods, first steps.  Making the switch from a crib to a bed is another sign your child is growing up.  For some parents the idea can be a bit nerve-wracking.  They wonder what life will be like if their child is free to get out of bed whenever he wants…will he be roaming the halls at night?  Will he ever settle ...

Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7:15 pm.

Karianne Wanggaard

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Working with Shannon, I went from 2-3 wake ups every night to 1 or 0. She aligned the plan with my preferred sleep cycle. She was always coaching, never judging. Shannon was great, I have referred MANY people to her! That's the best testament to her work that I can give.

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