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Ever wonder when you should start potty training your child? Do you worry it could negatively impact bedtime? There are usually a lot of questions around the topic of potty training.  While there isn’t an exact age that you should start, most children are ready to begin potty training anywhere from 18-36 months. During that time you might start to notice different signs that co ...

Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7:15 pm.

Karianne Wanggaard

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Working with Shannon, I went from 2-3 wake ups every night to 1 or 0. She aligned the plan with my preferred sleep cycle. She was always coaching, never judging. Shannon was great, I have referred MANY people to her! That's the best testament to her work that I can give.


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