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Sleep Well Adult Program

Do you dread going to bed at night?  Does the sight of your bedroom make you frustrated or discouraged?  Do you lay awake at night staring at your clock worrying about how you will function the next day with such little sleep? Do you think about your sleep all the time?  Are you taking sleep medications that isn't really helping you sleep better? I would love the chance to help you!  

Hi, I'm Shannon Glenn, owner of Sleep Well Sleep Specialists and Certified Adult and Pediatric Sleep Specialist.  I love sleep and I love helping people sleep better so when I had the opportunity to become certified to help adults sleep well too, I jumped at the chance! I have been helping children sleep well for over 9 years and now I help adults sleep well too! With a degree in Psychology, certifications in sleep sciences and hundreds of hours of on the job experience, I would love to help you sleep well! 

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects to our well being.  And guess what...most sleep issues are fixable.  One out of four adults have the risk of developing insomnia during their life and with the right help over half of them can recover their sleep. This program is designed to meet your specific sleep needs with the goal being to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer so you can start living your best life because everyone deserves to sleep well!  Together we will address your sleep issues and develop a comprehensive sleep plan of how to fix them. 


  • Preliminary Evaluation
    This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)
  • Private Consultation
    In a 60 to 90 minute (Phone, Zoom, or Google Hangouts) consultation, we’ll the sleep plan we have prepared for you, specific strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address your bedtime, night awakenings, or any other specific sleep issues you might be dealing with.
  • Customized Sleep Plan
    We will prepare for you a customized sleep plan and provide this to you at the conclusion of our private consultation.
  • FIVE Follow-up Telephone Calls
    This is the most important part of the support process!  This is where we can ensure the plan is working, make any recommendations of change while you implement the sleep plan.  We will have weekly check in calls for five weeks after you start your sleep plan. The calls will typically last about 20-30 minutes.  During our follow up calls, we’ll use this time to discuss your progress, deal with any setbacks you might be having, talk about what you can expect and your next areas of focus to work on, and answer any general questions.
  • Follow-up Email
    You are welcome to email me once a week with any questions that you have. I answer email Monday through Friday and will respond within 24 hours. 
  • Sleep Well Tool Kit
    This is information will help you tackle some common issues that come up with sleep.  Topics include: travel tips, general good sleep habit tips, and daylight savings time change.

Investment for Sleep Well Adult Program: $595

Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7:15 pm.

Karianne Wanggaard

Sleep Well Sleep Specialists

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Working with Shannon, I went from 2-3 wake ups every night to 1 or 0. She aligned the plan with my preferred sleep cycle. She was always coaching, never judging. Shannon was great, I have referred MANY people to her! That's the best testament to her work that I can give.

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